Major Cause of Failure In Most Fish Farming Business

Major Cause of Failure In Most Fish Farming Business

Fish farming is a technical business which requires the business owner or manager to learn by training or dedicated observation the best practices for achieving continuous successful harvests.

Figure 1: Showing a healthy Cat fish

The major cause of failure in most fish farming business includes:

  1. Limited operational and technical skills/ knowledge.
  2. Management Incompetence.
  3. Lack of meaningful objective and goals for the fish farm.
  4. Overtrading/Uncontrolled Growth.
  5. Inexperience and excessive reliance on past experience.
  6. Inadequate Capital.
  7. Poor Financial Control.
  8. Unfriendly outlet market and unstable pricing dynamics.
  9. Lack of strategic planning.
  10. Poor Location.

Since we now know all the possible causes of not succeeding in a fish farming business, all you have to do in other to succeed is to do all the opposites.

It’s that simple if you do “all the opposites” with dedication and a mindset to succeed!

Figure 2: A simple fish yield chart

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