Aquaculture Digest

Aquaculture   Digest

As a follow through from a training session we held sometime ago, I will like to re-emphasize that quality and quantity of fingerlings used for stocking the production ponds determines by 50% the success of any fish farming enterprise.

There are generally two sources of fingerlings which include:

  1.        The wild from natural water bodies.
  2.        The hatchery production

From experience it is quite obvious that the supply from the wild cannot be adequate in quality and quantity, therefore we have to rely on the hatchery to produce sufficiently. The supply of fast growing fingerlings is very important for development of viable fish farming ventures.

 We encourage our clients to acquire the necessary skills through training….. This we offer!

In addition to training on fingerlings production, we offer the following services at Inorus Agro 

  1.        Aquaculture Consultants for New and Existing Facilities
  2.        Feasibility Studies and Aquaculture Production Assessment and Audits
  3.        Business Evaluation, Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis and Due Diligence
  4.        Aquaculture Design and Aquaculture Management
  5.        Water Recirculatory systems and Water Reuse Systems
  6.        Aquaculture Real Estate Investment Guide
  7.        Fish culture Workshops, Presentations and Seminars
  8.        Analysis of Zooplanktons and Benthic Macro invertebrate Samples
  9.        Water Source Design and Water Quality Management
  10.        Residential Pond Design  and Management
  11.        Artificial Light Control Systems- simulations
  12.        Fish Hatcheries and Fish Farms , Financed Searches and land  Buyer Searches
  13.        Artificial propagation of Catfish, Tilapia and Shrimps
  14.        Aquacultural related technical writing and technical editing
  15.        Aqua Related Legal, Regulatory and Litigation Services

                 Harvesting Fingerlings




Manual on fish farming ­– N 2,500 / 20 USD

C.D on fish farming – N 500.00


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