Fish Farming Management

Fish Farming Management

A client called me some weeks back, requesting that I assist him in formulating a cheaper locally pelleted fish feed that’s nutritionally balanced for his stock. He needed to get off the cost of imported fish feed and thereby increasing his profit margin.


I gladly assisted and we like to talk a little about this today.


Feeding management of a fish farming business is aimed at increasing the survival and growth of the fishes so that a high yield can be obtained.


Lots of methods have been used over the years to combat all the harmful and limiting factors that affect the growth of fish in the wild. This is essentially to enable the fish farmer arrive at the expected high yield.


 In other to minimize cost of production, agro industrial waste such as rice bran, palm kernel waste, bone meal, to mention a few can be used in formulating the fish feed.


It should however be noted that the nutritional requirement of cultured fish depends on:

  1. The degree of intensification of a fish farming venture, this is the primary determining factor in the nutrient content of the supplementary feed.
  2. Fish species: physiological differences (growth potential, digestive apparatus, ability of utilization of energy sources, lipid requirements, etc.).
  3. Management and quality consideration: growth rate due to temperature, water quality; or market conditions on the one side and product quality on the other.

The primary objectives are to produce a feed mixture that (is):

     I.     Nutritionally balanced (to support maintenance, growth, reproduction, health)

    II.     Economical to prepare

   III.     Palatable for the fish

   IV.     Water stable

    V.     Minimizes waste output & effect on water quality

   VI.     Produces desirable final product (attractive & safe)

Drying tilapia by-catches to be used for fishmeal


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