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Our Mission

In Africa, more than 40% of the population live below the poverty line, surviving on less than $1.89 a day.

Farminnovate helps to popularise organic farming techniques, generate awareness amongst consumers and help develop a sustainable market for organic foods.

Towards these ends, we offer the following services :

* Training and consultancy services on organic farming to both intending organic farmers as well as existing organic farms.

* Capacity building of farmer communities on issues such as quality management, local level market development and maintenance of organic standards.

*We provide advisory services to a wide range of clients including corporate farms, individual farmers, farmer groups, cooperatives and NGOs.

* We assist farmhouses, homesteads, home gardens, factory gardens, resorts, composting units and waste management.* We use low-cost, environment-friendly soil building materials, and provide sensible solutions in energy, water, waste management, food, gardens and farmer lifestyle.

* We teach farmers how to add value to their harvests, by processing their produce into products that sell for a higher price. By generating reliable incomes from their businesses and providing better food for their families, farmers can build substantial wealth for the future.

* We also publish a series of handy titles on organic farming across a wide field of agriculture

Organic Farming and You
Capacity Building 
Techniques, practices of Organic Farming
Organic Food & Health Benefits
General Information on Organic Farming



Most rural farmers scrape their living from small plots, which are often poor in soil nutrients. .....Farminnovate helps with training in natural soil boosters and drought management techniques that makes crop farming profitable and sustainable.

Livestocks are generally the farmers most valued possession. ....Farminnovate helps with animal feed formulation and basic animal health services.

Aquatic pollution and overfishing has significantly reduced catch from the wild. Resulting in high price of fish, thus hitting hard on families income. ....Farminnovate helps with capacity building, sustainable fish feed formulation using local ingredients, basic fish health services and fish processing.

4.Climate Resilience:
In order to combat the rising global temperatures, which usually impacts the farmers. .....Farminnovate helps farmers learn to use climate smart techniques to grow, harvest and build resilience to future climate shocks.

For more information please write to support@farminnovate.com, we will be glad to reply.


I have learnt a lot from Farminnovate. I can now confidently start my farm business without any worries

Mr Adebayo O.

Farminnovate's aftersales service is suberb. I got all my enquiries answered swiftly. Thank you so much. Please keep up the good work

Mr Ugo C.